Social Media And Image Policy

This policy is designed to outline a common sense framework in which Carers and Family Members can take appropriate images (still and moving) of players. Please be reminded that these guidelines do not, and are not designed to, supersede either local or government legislation, court order or by-laws which must be strictly adhered to at all times irrespective of these guidelines.

  1. When intending to take any image during WJYL fixtures permission should be sought from both managers and the referee in advance. Any objection from either party should result in no images being taken. Either party could be aware of safeguarding issues that would make capturing images inappropriate or even illegal, it may not be possible to share the circumstances so any objection should be taken without question.
  2. Images taken should never provide names, locations or any other specific details regarding the players. Anonymity is essential.
  3. Images should try and remain of a general overview of play and avoid focusing on specific players. Focus on the activity rather than the individual.
  4. All images should be in an appropriate public setting (during play) and players should always be dressed appropriately (minimum shorts and shirt).
  5. Any manager giving consent for images to be taken should have clear written consent from all parents or carers as well as the player themselves.
  6. Any manager requesting images be taken should give comprehensive details of how and where the images will be used. Any consent consequently given is thereby on the condition that the aforementioned uses do not change. Further additional permission should be sought for any subsequent use outside of the initially discussed boundaries. For example images taken on the basis of being used for a private party or presentation can’t then be shared in public online without additional consent.
  7. Unauthorised use of children under care proceedings not only puts that child at risk but also puts the person taking that image at risk of litigation. Walsall Junior Youth Football League reserves the right to sanction any teams failing to comply either with the rules outlined here, requests to not take images or any subsequent request to remove or delete an image from either a parent, carer, centre manager, referee, private property owner, their representative or team manager manager. Sanctions include (but are not limited to) fines (up to the league maximum), forfeit of the fixture and any other appropriate sanction.
  8. No images to be recorded in changing rooms,showers or toilets – this includes the use of mobile phones that record images.
  9. Images or video recordings of children must be kept securely. Hard copies of images should be kept in a locked drawer and electronic images should be in a protected folder with restricted access. Images should not be stored on unencrypted portable equipment such as laptops, memory sticks and mobile phones.