What Is The Role Of The Respect Marshall?

Let’s all remember who we are here for!
The Respect Marshall Role has been introduced this season across all youth leagues across the county of Staffordshire.
Respect Marshalls have been in operation across many youth leagues in other counties for a few seasons and have been viewed as a positive influence in creating a safe and enjoyable environment for young people to enjoy their football.
Your participation in the role of Respect Marshall is primarily to support the referee, team manager and coaches in promoting the Respect agenda and to remind your own parents and spectators of responsibility to adhere to your club’s codes of conduct.
The Respect Marshall should not be someone who comes into conflict with others and should be there to remind all that this is a youth game and to escalate (pass on) any issues to the Team Manager / Coach or Referee to address.

The expectations of the Respect Marshall’s role can be identified using the acronym G.A.M.E. This means the following:

G is for greet The Referee, Manager / Coach, Respect Marshalls from both teams and Assistant Referees will meet before kickoff. (Respect Marshalls will be identified by wearing the yellow bib.)

A is for Acknowledge The referee will explain the levels of behaviour they expect from everyone (including spectators). The Referee should outline action they will take if there is unacceptable behavior. The Respect Marshall from each team should then remind their respective parent / spectator group of these expectations.

M is for Monitor Respect Marshalls should then monitor their spectators. They should not come into conflict with anyone but if comfortable they should remind spectators of the level of acceptable behavior.

E is for Escalate If you feel uncomfortable with a situation, then this should be raised with the Team Manager / Coach or brought to the attention of the Referee. It is up to these officials to then manage this situation appropriately.


Respect Marshalls are appointed by teams to help to monitor the highest standards of behaviour possible from spectators.
If there are issues, the Respect Marshall should report this, not get into conflict.
Respect Marshalls need to be honest, fair and observant.
Respect Marshalls should write clear notes from incidents as soon as possible after an issue, including actual language used (if appropriate).

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