Under 9’s Fixtures

Under 9’s East AUnder 9’s North AUnder 9’s South AUnder 9’s West A1 Under 9’s West A2
Walsll Phnix LionsBloxwich RangersTipton Youth LionsFC Premier EaglesAFC Wolves Athletic
Brewood JuniorsWednesbury Sp.UnionOld Wulfs NorthFour Oaks CheetahsBrewood Jnrs Colts
HTN FlyersAFC Wolves UtdHoly NameOld Wulfs CentralLane Head Eagles
Walsall Wd FlamesWolverhampton Sp.Lane Head TrojansAPR VikingsWdnsfld Avngrs West
West Brom AllstarsSutton United PanthersGreat Barr HarriersUnder 9’s West B1 Under 9’s West B2
W B Allstrs All BlacksHdnsfrd T Nwlnds JnrsUnder 9’s South BLane Head KnightsWyrley Jnrs Predators
Silverdale PhoenixWalsll Phnix SwiftsOld Wulfs SouthSporting KhalsaCresswell Wdrs Lions
Under 9’s East BUnder 9’s North BBustlehlme AthleticWyrley Jnrs PanthersFC Premier Colts
Pelsall Villa ColtsCorpus Christi JnrsCresswell WdrsAFC Wolves HarriersWalsall Wd Stars
HTN FalconsWest Brom Mini StarsFour Oaks FoxesUnder 9’s West C1 Under 9’s West C2
Soho AlbionNPV Ftball AcdmyWalsll Phnix VipersHTN EaglesLane Head Yellows
Cresswell Wdrs SwiftsWyrley Jnrs PumasSouth Groups A&BWednesfield AvengersBustleholme 47
Walsall Wd LionsHdnsfrd T Nwlndswill play a 3 week roundWyrley Jnrs LionsFC Premier
Colron BoysWednesfield Warriorsrobin (B incl 6 teams)Bilston Town CommWalsall Wd Saints
White EaglesWest Brm GallacticosAll teams will progressWest Groups will play a round robin group of 4,
East & North groups are made up of two groups of 7to the 2nd round orwhere all teams will qualify dor the quarter
Top 2 qualify for Semi Finals & Finals to be played on 21stquarter finals to befinals, to be played on the 14th October
played on the 14th Oct.Semi Finals & Finals will be played on the 21st
Semi Finals & Finals willOctober, all other teams will have friendlies.
be played on the 21st Oct.
DateVenueGroupKick OffPitchFixture
21/10/2018Oak Park9EastA/B8:40 AM1Brewood JuniorsFPelsall Villa Colts
21/10/2018Oak Park9EastA/B8:40 AM2HTN FlyersFHTN Falcons
21/10/2018Oak Park9EastA/B8:40 AM3Walsall Wd FlamesFCresswell Wdrs Swifts
21/10/2018Oak Park9EastA/B8:40 AM4Silverdale PhoenixFWhite Eagles
21/10/2018Oak Park9EastA/B9:20 AM1W B Allstrs All BlacksFSoho Albion
21/10/2018Oak Park9EastA/B9:20 AM2HTN FlyersFCresswell Wdrs Swifts
21/10/2018Oak Park9EastA/B9:20 AM3Walsall Wd FlamesFWhite Eagles
21/10/2018Oak Park9EastA/B9:20 AM4Silverdale PhoenixFHTN Falcons
21/10/2018Oak Park9EastA/B SF110:00 AM1West Brom AllstarsVWalsall Wd Lions
21/10/2018Oak Park9EastA/B SF210:00 AM2Walsll Phnix LionsVColron Boys
21/10/2018Oak Park9EastA/B10:00 AM3Brewood JuniorsFSoho Albion
21/10/2018Oak Park9EastA/B10:00 AM4W B Allstrs All BlacksFPelsall Villa Colts
21/10/2018Oak Park9EastA/B10:40 AM2Loser 9EastA/BSF1FLoser 9EastA/BSF2
21/10/2018Oak Park9EastA/Bfinal10:40 AM4Winner 9EastA/BSF1VWinner 9EastA/BSF2
21/10/2018Wolvhmptn Uni9NorthA/B8:40 AM1Hdnsfrd T Nwlnds JnrsFWest Brom Mini Stars
21/10/2018Wolvhmptn Uni9NorthA/B8:40 AM2Sutton United PanthersFWest Brm Gallacticos
21/10/2018Wolvhmptn Uni9NorthA/B8:40 AM3Wednesbury Sp.UnionFNPV Ftball Acdmy
21/10/2018Wolvhmptn Uni9NorthA/B8:40 AM4Walsll Phnix SwiftsFCorpus Christi Jnrs
21/10/2018Wolvhmptn Uni9NorthA/B9:20 AM1Wolverhampton Sp.FWyrley Jnrs Pumas
21/10/2018Wolvhmptn Uni9NorthA/B9:20 AM2Sutton United PanthersFNPV Ftball Acdmy
21/10/2018Wolvhmptn Uni9NorthA/B9:20 AM3Wednesbury Sp.UnionFCorpus Christi Jnrs
21/10/2018Wolvhmptn Uni9NorthA/B9:20 AM4Walsll Phnix SwiftsFWest Brm Gallacticos
21/10/2018Wolvhmptn Uni9NorthA/B SF110:00 AM1AFC Wolves UtdVHdnsfrd T Nwlnds
21/10/2018Wolvhmptn Uni9NorthA/B SF210:00 AM2Bloxwich RangersVWednesfield Warriors
21/10/2018Wolvhmptn Uni9NorthA/B10:00 AM3Wolverhampton Sp.FWest Brom Mini Stars
21/10/2018Wolvhmptn Uni9NorthA/B10:00 AM4Hdnsfrd T Nwlnds JnrsFWyrley Jnrs Pumas
21/10/2018Wolvhmptn Uni9NorthA/B10:40 AM2Loser 9EastA/BSF1FLoser 9EastA/BSF2
21/10/2018Wolvhmptn Uni9NorthA/Bfinal10:40 AM4Winner 9EastA/BSF1VWinner 9EastA/BSF2
21/10/2018Silverdale FC9South9:00 AM1Tipton Youth LionsFFour Oaks Foxes
21/10/2018Silverdale FC9South9:00 AM2Lane Head TrojansFBustlehlme Athletic
21/10/2018Silverdale FC9South9:40 AM1Great Barr HarriersFWalsll Phnix Vipers
21/10/2018Silverdale FC9South9:40 AM2Tipton Youth LionsFBustlehlme Athletic
21/10/2018Silverdale FC9South10:20 AM1Lane Head TrojansFWalsll Phnix Vipers
21/10/2018Silverdale FC9South10:20 AM2Great Barr HarriersFFour Oaks Foxes
21/10/2018Silverdale FC9SouthSF111:00 AM1Old Wulfs NorthVHoly Name
21/10/2018Silverdale FC9SouthSF211:00 AM2Cresswell WdrsVOld Wulfs South
21/10/2018Silverdale FC9South11:40 AM1Loser 9SouthSF1FLoser 9SouthSF2
21/10/2018Silverdale FC9SouthFinal11:40 AM2Winner 9SouthSF1VWinner 9SouthSF2
21/10/2018Sporting Khalsa9WestA SF19:00 AM1Old Wulfs CentralVBrewood Jnrs Colts
21/10/2018Sporting Khalsa9WestA SF29:00 AM2APR VikingsVLane Head Eagles
21/10/2018Sporting Khalsa9WestA9:00 AM3Four Oaks CheetahsFWdnsfld Avngrs West
21/10/2018Sporting Khalsa9WestA9:00 AM4FC Premier EaglesFAFC Wolves Athletic
21/10/2018Sporting Khalsa9WestA9:40 AM1Four Oaks CheetahsFAFC Wolves Athletic
21/10/2018Sporting Khalsa9WestA9:40 AM2FC Premier EaglesFWdnsfld Avngrs West
21/10/2018Sporting Khalsa9WestA9:40 AM3Loser 9WestASF1FLoser 9WestASF2
21/10/2018Sporting Khalsa9WestA Final9:40 AM4Winner 9WestASF1VWinner 9WestASF2
21/10/2018Sporting Khalsa9WestB SF110:20 AM1Wyrley Jnrs PanthersVWalsall Wd Stars
21/10/2018Sporting Khalsa9WestB SF210:20 AM2Lane Head KnightsVAFC Wolves Harriers
21/10/2018Sporting Khalsa9WestB10:20 AM3Sporting KhalsaFFC Premier Colts
21/10/2018Sporting Khalsa9WestB10:20 AM4Cresswell Wdrs LionsFWyrley Jnrs Predators
21/10/2018Sporting Khalsa9WestB11:00 AM1Sporting KhalsaFWyrley Jnrs Predators
21/10/2018Sporting Khalsa9WestB11:00 AM2Cresswell Wdrs LionsFFC Premier Colts
21/10/2018Sporting Khalsa9WestB11:00 AM3Loser 9WestBSF1FLoser 9WestBSF2
21/10/2018Sporting Khalsa9WestB Final11:00 AM4Winner 9WestBSF1VWinner 9WestBSF2
21/10/2018Oak Park9WestC SF110:20 AM1Wednesfield AvengersVWalsall Wd Saints
21/10/2018Oak Park9WestC SF210:20 AM2Wyrley Jnrs LionsVLane Head Yellows
21/10/2018Oak Park9WestC10:20 AM3HTN EaglesFBustleholme 47
21/10/2018Oak Park9WestC10:20 AM4Bilston Town CommFFC Premier
21/10/2018Oak Park9WestC11:00 AM1HTN EaglesFFC Premier
21/10/2018Oak Park9WestC11:00 AM2Bilston Town CommFBustleholme 47
21/10/2018Oak Park9WestC11:00 AM3Loser 9WestCSF1FLoser 9WestCSF2
21/10/2018Oak Park9WestC Final11:00 AM4Winner 9WestCSF1VWinner 9WestCSF2