Under 16’s Results

Under 16s
15 October 2017
1st-Half League
Division 1
Brewood JuniorBrereton SocialResult not known
Bush Vikings31Hill Top Rangers
Continental Star20Hednesford Town
Lane Head Vipers44Lane Head Scorpions
Lane Head Warriors30Shere Punjab Youth
Division 2
Chasetown Scholars61Holy Name Celts
Great Bridge Albion30Walsall Phoenix Devils
Silverdale HarriersBilston Town CommunityResult not known
Wyrley Juniors Tigers22Cresswell Wanderers
Division 3
Chasetown Juniors13Tipton Youth Lions
CS Colts36Wolverhampton Sporting
Hednesford Town Juniors21FC Premier
Walsall Wood Saints00Wyrley Juniors United
Division 4
Great Barr Harriers111Lodge Farm FC
Lodge Farm Blues25Sutton Coldfield Town AFC
Rising Stars36Great Barr United
West Bromwich United35Hawkins Sports Falcons
08 October 2017
First-Half Cup #1
Round 2
Brereton Social42Bilston Town Community
Bush Vikings15Lane Head Vipers
Chasetown Scholars31Great Bridge Albion
Continental Star50Hednesford Town
Lane Head Scorpions31Wyrley Juniors Tigers
Lane Head Warriors02Brewood Junior
Silverdale Harriers14Shere Punjab Youth
Walsall Phoenix Devils14Hill Top Rangers
First-Half Cup #2
Round 2
Chasetown Juniors32Hednesford Town Juniors
FC Premier31Tipton Youth Lions
Great Barr Harriers51West Bromwich United
Great Barr United14Holy Name Celts
Lodge Farm Blues53CS Colts
Rising Stars24Hawkins Sports Falcons
Wolverhampton Sporting21Walsall Wood Saints
Wyrley Juniors United24Sutton Coldfield Town AFC
1st-Half League
Division 2
Cresswell WanderersNewtown ChiefsRearranged by the league
01 October 2017
Staffs County Youth Under 16s Sunday Cup
Round 1
Biddulph Town13Lane Head Warriors
Brereton SocialHednesford Town YDSPostponed due to weather
Brewood Junior41Wyrley Juniors United
Chasetown Scholars41Holy Name Celts
Cresswell Wanderers60Westlands United
Hawkins Sports EaglesLichfield City BluesTeam withdrew from competition
Hawkins Sports FalconsRed Star AFCMatch awarded
Hednesford Town21Bush Vikings
JCB Lakeside03Wyrley Juniors Tigers
Lane Head Scorpions62Bilston Town Community
Lane Head VipersWyrley Juniors WanderersTeam withdrew from competition
Lodge Farm FC020Stafford Town Panthers
Norton CanesChasetown JuniorsMatch awarded
Silverdale Harriers36Walsall Phoenix Devils
Wolverhampton Sporting015Phoenix Rangers
1st-Half League
Division 1
Continental Star122Shere Punjab Youth
Division 2
Newtown ChiefsGreat Bridge AlbionRearranged by the league
Division 3
CS Colts24Walsall Wood Saints
Tipton Youth Lions80Hednesford Town Juniors
Division 4
Great Barr Harriers42Rising Stars
Great Barr United211Sutton Coldfield Town AFC
West Bromwich United23Lodge Farm Blues
24 September 2017
1st-Half League
Division 1
Brereton Social54Continental Star
Brewood JuniorLane Head VipersInsufficient players
Chasetown ScholarsLane Head VipersRearranged by the league
Hill Top RangersShere Punjab YouthInsufficient players
Lane Head Scorpions51Hednesford Town
Lane Head Warriors53Bush Vikings
Division 2
Brewood JuniorWalsall Phoenix DevilsRearranged by the league
Chasetown Scholars12Walsall Phoenix Devils
Cresswell Wanderers40Silverdale Harriers
Great Bridge Albion21Bilston Town Community
Holy Name Celts23Wyrley Juniors Tigers
Division 3
FC Premier25Tipton Youth Lions
FC PremierWyrley Juniors WanderersTeam withdrew from competition
Hednesford Town Juniors21CS Colts
Tipton Youth LionsGreat Barr UnitedRearranged by the league
Walsall Wood Saints31Wolverhampton Sporting
Wyrley Juniors United51Chasetown Juniors
Division 4
Hawkins Sports EaglesHawkins Sports FalconsTeam withdrew from competition
Hawkins Sports Falcons52Great Barr United
Lodge Farm BluesRising StarsRearranged by the league
Sutton Coldfield Town AFC110Lodge Farm FC
West Bromwich United03Great Barr Harriers
17 September 2017
1st-Half League
Division 1
Brewood Junior35Continental Star
Bush Vikings05Lane Head Vipers
Continental StarChasetown ScholarsRearranged by the league
Hednesford Town25Lane Head Warriors
Hill Top Rangers22Lane Head Scorpions
Shere Punjab YouthBrereton SocialInsufficient players
Division 2
Bilston Town Community34Chasetown Scholars
Brewood JuniorBilston Town CommunityRearranged by the league
Cresswell Wanderers52Holy Name Celts
Walsall Phoenix Devils42Silverdale Harriers
Wyrley Juniors Tigers34Great Bridge Albion
Division 3
Chasetown Juniors26Walsall Wood Saints
FC Premier102CS Colts
Tipton Youth Lions43Wyrley Juniors United
Wolverhampton Sporting06Hednesford Town Juniors
Wyrley Juniors WanderersGreat Barr UnitedTeam withdrew from competition
Division 4
Great Barr Harriers26Lodge Farm Blues
Great Barr United06West Bromwich United
Hawkins Sports EaglesWest Bromwich UnitedTeam withdrew from competition
Lodge Farm FC29Hawkins Sports Falcons
Rising StarsSutton Coldfield Town AFCRearranged by the league
10 September 2017
First-Half Cup #1
Round 1
Cresswell Wanderers35Great Bridge Albion
First-Half Cup #2
Round 1
Great Barr Harriers71Lodge Farm FC
Lodge Farm BluesHawkins Sports EaglesTeam withdrew from competition
1st-Half League
Division 1
Brereton Social52Bush Vikings
Chasetown ScholarsHednesford TownRearranged by the league
Hednesford Town11Brewood Junior
Lane Head Scorpions42Continental Star
Lane Head Vipers63Shere Punjab Youth
Lane Head Warriors06Hill Top Rangers
Division 2
Bilston Town Community32Wyrley Juniors Tigers
Chasetown Scholars62Silverdale Harriers
Silverdale HarriersBrewood JuniorRearranged by the league
Walsall Phoenix DevilsHoly Name CeltsResult not known
Division 3
CS ColtsWyrley Juniors WanderersTeam withdrew from competition
CS ColtsWolverhampton SportingOther Reason
Great Barr UnitedWolverhampton SportingRearranged by the league
Hednesford Town Juniors12Chasetown Juniors
Walsall Wood Saints14Tipton Youth Lions
Wyrley Juniors United21FC Premier
Division 4
Great Barr United05Lodge Farm Blues
Hawkins Sports FalconsRising StarsRearranged by the league
Sutton Coldfield Town AFC64West Bromwich United