Under 15’s Results

Under 15s
15 October 2017
1st-Half League
Division 1
Bilbrook Juniors NorthLane Head ChargersRearranged by the league
FC Premier27FC Newlands
Gunners FCWightwickTeam withdrew from competition
Gunners FCNewtown ChiefsOther Reason
Willenhall Harriers03New Park Village Football Academy
Division 2
FC PertonWednesfield RBLResult not known
Silverdale Throstles73Holy Name Celts
Wednesfield FC20Punjab United
Wyrley Juniors Lions102Druid FC
Division 3
Bilston Sports32FC Bustleholme
Bustleholme Tigers21Coven United
Shere Punjab Youth75Wyrley Juniors Panthers
Wednesbury Sports Union32Sutton United Pumas
Division 4
AFC ValeGreat Barr UnitedNo available venue
Bentley Community31Great Barr Harriers
Lane Head Rockets52Brital Lions
08 October 2017
First-Half Cup #1
¼ Final
FC Newlands70FC Premier
Holy Name Celts34Wednesfield FC
New Park Village Football Academy30Gunners FC
Willenhall Harriers45Bilbrook Juniors North
First-Half Cup #2
¼ Final
Bilston Sports30Bustleholme Tigers
Coven United51Wyrley Juniors Panthers
FC Bustleholme52Wednesbury Sports Union
Sporting Khalsa100Great Barr United
1st-Half League
Division 1
Lane Head Chargers01Tantany Lions Warriors
Division 2
FC Perton32Druid FC
Punjab United41Wyrley Juniors Lions
Silverdale Throstles73Wednesfield RBL
Division 3
Sutton United Pumas05Shere Punjab Youth
Division 4
Bentley Community61AFC Vale
Brital Lions01Great Barr Harriers
01 October 2017
Staffs County Youth Under 15s Sunday Cup
Round 1
Ashmore Park RangersLane Head ChargersResult not known
Bilbrook Juniors NorthFour Oaks Club TigersPostponed due to weather
Bilston Sports52Coven United
Chasetown Youth Colts024New Park Village Football Academy
Elford Boys Jets14Bentley Community
FC PertonStafford Falcons ColtsPostponed due to weather
Stafford Rangers51Wyrley Juniors Panthers
Wednesfield FC31Elford Boys Dynamo
1st-Half League
Division 1
FC Newlands250Newtown Chiefs
FC NewlandsWightwickTeam withdrew from competition
FC Premier20Willenhall Harriers
Gunners FC02Tantany Lions Warriors
Division 2
Punjab United41Silverdale Throstles
Wednesfield RBL23Druid FC
Wyrley Juniors Lions70Holy Name Celts
Division 3
FC Bustleholme31Wednesbury Sports Union
Shere Punjab YouthBustleholme TigersResult not known
Division 4
AFC Vale24Brital Lions
Great Barr Harriers37Sporting Khalsa
Lane Head Rockets111Great Barr United
24 September 2017
1st-Half League
Division 1
Bilbrook Juniors North32FC Premier
New Park Village Football AcademyWightwickResult not known
Silverdale ThrostlesGunners FCRearranged by the league
Tantany Lions Warriors02FC Newlands
Willenhall Harriers17Gunners FC
Division 2
Druid FC12Silverdale Throstles
Wednesfield FCHoly Name CeltsGame abandoned
Wednesfield RBL04Punjab United
Wednesfield RBLLane Head ChargersRearranged by the league
Wyrley Juniors Lions42FC Perton
Division 3
FC Bustleholme43Bustleholme Tigers
FC Premier ColtsBustleholme TigersTeam withdrew from competition
Sutton United Pumas46Coven United
Wednesbury Sports Union40Shere Punjab Youth
Wyrley Juniors Panthers21Bilston Sports
Division 4
Ashmore Park RangersAFC ValeTeam withdrew from competition
Great Barr Harriers06Lane Head Rockets
Great Barr United16Bentley Community
Sporting Khalsa40Brital Lions
17 September 2017
1st-Half League
Division 1
FC NewlandsSilverdale ThrostlesRearranged by the league
FC Newlands32Lane Head Chargers
FC Premier02New Park Village Football Academy
Gunners FC22Bilbrook Juniors North
Wightwick25Tantany Lions Warriors
Division 2
FC BustleholmeFC PertonRearranged by the league
Holy Name Celts81Wednesfield RBL
Lane Head ChargersWednesfield FCRearranged by the league
Silverdale Throstles101FC Perton
Wyrley Juniors LionsWednesfield FCInsufficient players
Division 3
Bilston SportsCoven UnitedRearranged by the league
Bustleholme Tigers41Sutton United Pumas
Shere Punjab YouthFC Premier ColtsTeam withdrew from competition
Shere Punjab Youth15FC Bustleholme
Wednesbury Sports Union30Wyrley Juniors Panthers
Division 4
AFC Vale37Great Barr Harriers
Brital Lions21Great Barr United
Lane Head Rockets26Bentley Community
Sporting KhalsaAshmore Park RangersTeam withdrew from competition
10 September 2017
First-Half Cup #1
Round 1
Ashmore Park RangersNew Park Village Football AcademyTeam withdrew from competition
Bilbrook Juniors North51Lane Head Chargers
FC BustleholmeWyrley Juniors LionsOther Reason
FC Premier101FC Perton
Gunners FC62Wightwick
Silverdale Throstles04Holy Name Celts
Wednesfield FC10Tantany Lions Warriors
First-Half Cup #2
Round 1
Bilston Sports53Bentley Community
Brital LionsFC Premier ColtsTeam withdrew from competition
Brital Lions37FC Bustleholme
Bustleholme Tigers54AFC Vale
Coven United60Lane Head Rockets
Great Barr Harriers33Great Barr United
Shere Punjab Youth35Wednesbury Sports Union
Sutton United Pumas19Sporting Khalsa
Willenhall HarriersWyrley Juniors LionsResult not known
Wyrley Juniors Panthers21Wednesfield RBL
1st-Half League
Division 1
Willenhall HarriersFC NewlandsRearranged by the league
Division 2
Druid FC02Punjab United