Under 13’s Results

Under 13s
15 October 2017
1st-Half League
Division 1
Beacon Lions28Cresswell Wanderers Colts
Tipton Youth42Ashmore Wanderers
Wyrley Juniors Rangers54Lane Head Tigers
Division 2
Bustleholme Baggies34Bustleholme Blades
FC PremierGreat Barr HarriersRearranged by the league
Sporting Khalsa26Lodge Farm Warriors
Tividale Albion33Wyrley Juniors Warriors
Walsall Phoenix HawksSilverdale SaintsResult not known
Division 3
Diamond Academy100Walsall Wood Magpies
Holy Name113FC Premier
Holy NameWest Bromwich UnitedRearranged by the league
Pelsall Villa Colts124FC Perton Pride
Silverdale JFC22Lane Head Panthers
Wigmore Colts50White Eagles
Division 4
Bloxwich Rangers26Great Barr United
Hamstead Diamonds33Walsall Wood Pumas
Lodge Farm Legends111Walsall Wood Saints
New Invention108Tantany Lions FC
Wednesbury Sports Union34Rising Stars
08 October 2017
First-Half Cup #1
¼ Final
Ashmore Wanderers51Silverdale Saints
Cresswell Wanderers Colts81Wyrley Juniors Rangers
Great Barr Harriers43Bustleholme Baggies
Lane Head Tigers09Tipton Youth
First-Half Cup #2
Round 2
Bloxwich Rangers08Holy Name
FC Perton Pride21Walsall Wood Saints
Pelsall Villa Colts170Lodge Farm Legends
Silverdale JFC21Lane Head Panthers
Tantany Lions FC26Wigmore Colts
Tividale Albion170Hamstead Diamonds
Walsall Wood Magpies11Wednesbury Sports Union
White Eagles114Wyrley Juniors Warriors
1st-Half League
Division 2
Lodge Farm Warriors65Bustleholme Blades
Sporting Khalsa71Walsall Phoenix Hawks
Division 4
Great Barr United142Rising Stars
Walsall Wood Pumas16New Invention
01 October 2017
Staffordshire FA U13 Pilot Inter-League
Alsager Silver BulletLane Head PanthersNon-competitive – result not published
Ashmore WanderersShelfield UnitedNon-competitive – result not published
AudleyWednesbury Sports UnionNon-competitive – result not published
Beacon ColtsTantany Lions FCNon-competitive – result not published
Bloxwich RangersFlorence FalconsNon-competitive – result not published
Bustleholme BladesShelfield United WhitesNon-competitive – result not published
FC Perton PrideLichfield Round Table BlueNon-competitive – result not published
Four Oaks ScorpionsWalsall Wood SaintsNon-competitive – result not published
Great Barr HarriersLichfield City All StarsNon-competitive – result not published
Great Barr UnitedLea HallNon-competitive – result not published
Hamstead DiamondsCannock Town FalconsNon-competitive – result not published
Hanley TownTipton YouthNon-competitive – result not published
Hawkins SportsWhite EaglesNon-competitive – result not published
Holy NameFour Oaks FalconsNon-competitive – result not published
Lane Head TigersStone Dominoes BlackNon-competitive – result not published
Lodge Farm WarriorsSt GeorgesNon-competitive – result not published
Mere Green RangersWalsall Phoenix HawksNon-competitive – result not published
Rising StarsHeath HayesNon-competitive – result not published
Silverdale JFCChasetown ColtsNon-competitive – result not published
Silverdale SaintsLichfield CityNon-competitive – result not published
Sporting KhalsaNewcastle Town CommunityNon-competitive – result not published
Sportsco HarriersBustleholme BaggiesNon-competitive – result not published
Sportsco RangersPelsall Villa ColtsNon-competitive – result not published
Sportsco Saints FCFC PremierNon-competitive – result not published
Stone Dominoes RedWyrley Juniors RangersNon-competitive – result not published
Sutton United Juniors PumasBeacon LionsNon-competitive – result not published
Walsall Wood MagpiesChasetown ScholarsNon-competitive – result not published
Walsall Wood PumasNorton CanesNon-competitive – result not published
West Bromwich UnitedLichfield City SpitfiresNon-competitive – result not published
Whittington MagpiesTividale AlbionNon-competitive – result not published
Whittington WizardsLodge Farm LegendsNon-competitive – result not published
Wyrley Junior WanderersNew InventionNon-competitive – result not published
Wyrley Juniors WarriorsFlorence ColtsNon-competitive – result not published
Bilston Town Junior Challenge Cup
Round 1
Cresswell Wanderers Colts65Lichfield Round Table Jets
1st-Half League
Division 3
Wigmore Colts 1 5Diamond Academy
24 September 2017
1st-Half League
Division 1
Lane Head Tigers26Tipton Youth
New Park Village Football AcademyBeacon LionsTeam withdrew from competition
Wyrley Juniors Rangers61Ashmore Wanderers
Division 2
FC Premier117Tividale AlbionResult voided by league
FC PremierWest Bromwich UnitedRearranged by the league
Lodge Farm Warriors24Walsall Phoenix Hawks
Silverdale Saints33Bustleholme Blades
Sporting Khalsa61Bustleholme Baggies
Wyrley Juniors Warriors42Great Barr Harriers
Division 3
Diamond AcademyWest Bromwich UnitedResult voided by league
FC Perton Pride91Lane Head Panthers
Pelsall Villa Colts610Wigmore Colts
Walsall Wood Magpies04Holy Name
White Eagles34Silverdale JFC
Division 4
Bloxwich Rangers49New Invention
Great Barr United31Hamstead Diamonds
Rising Stars17Lodge Farm Legends
Tantany Lions FC72Wednesbury Sports Union
Walsall Wood Pumas112Walsall Wood Saints
Wyrley Juniors WarriorsLodge Farm LegendsGame cancelled by the league
17 September 2017
1st-Half League
Division 1
Ashmore Wanderers64Beacon Lions
Cresswell Wanderers Colts52Lane Head Tigers
New Park Village Football AcademyTipton YouthTeam withdrew from competition
Division 2
Bustleholme Baggies82FC PremierResult voided by league
Bustleholme Blades41Walsall Phoenix Hawks
Great Barr Harriers33Lodge Farm Warriors
Tividale Albion85Sporting Khalsa
West Bromwich UnitedSporting KhalsaRearranged by the league
Wyrley Juniors Warriors21Silverdale Saints
Division 3
Lane Head Panthers13Holy Name
Silverdale JFC113Diamond Academy
Tividale AlbionPelsall Villa ColtsRearranged by the league
West Bromwich United027Pelsall Villa ColtsResult voided by league
White Eagles43Walsall Wood Magpies
Wigmore Colts53FC Perton Pride
Division 4
Hamstead DiamondsBloxwich RangersInsufficient players
Lodge Farm Legends013Tantany Lions FC
New Invention114Walsall Wood Saints
Walsall Wood PumasWyrley Juniors WarriorsGame cancelled by the league
Walsall Wood Pumas81Rising Stars
Wednesbury Sports Union64Great Barr United
10 September 2017
First-Half Cup #1
Round 1
Beacon Lions06Cresswell Wanderers Colts
Bustleholme Baggies42Bustleholme Blades
FC Premier215Great Barr Harriers
Lodge Farm Warriors12Ashmore Wanderers
New Park Village Football AcademyWyrley Juniors RangersTeam withdrew from competition
Sporting Khalsa23Lane Head Tigers
Tipton Youth300West Bromwich United
Walsall Phoenix Hawks24Silverdale Saints
First-Half Cup #2
Round 1
Great Barr United67Bloxwich Rangers
New Invention28Tantany Lions FC
Walsall Wood Pumas56Lodge Farm Legends
1st-Half League
Division 3
FC Perton Pride93Holy Name
Lane Head Panthers19Wigmore Colts
Pelsall Villa Colts154White Eagles
Silverdale JFCTividale AlbionRearranged by the league
Silverdale JFC61Walsall Wood Magpies
Division 4
Walsall Wood SaintsHamstead DiamondsResult not known
Wednesbury Sports UnionRising StarsRearranged by the league
Wyrley Juniors WarriorsWednesbury Sports UnionGame cancelled by the league