Under 12’s Results

Under 12s
15 October 2017
1st-Half League
Division 1
FC Premier13Tipton Youth
Four Oaks Bulldogs12Wyrley Juniors FC
Great Barr Harriers Town11Black Country Wanderers
Sikh Hunters05Brewood Junior
Division 2
Holy Name80Wyrley Juniors Phoenix
Lane Head Albion03Stonnall Juniors
Lane Head Olympians50FC Newlands Falcons
Pelsall Villa ColtsGreat Barr HarriersInsufficient players
Wyrley Juniors Lions31Silverdale Scorpions
Division 3
Bloxwich Town FC32Brownhills Community Colts
Pendeford United22Old Wulfrunians
Rising Stars06Bustleholme Villains
Walsall Phoenix Kestrels110Shelfield United FC Kestrels
Division 4
FC Newlands Nighthawks34Wyrley Juniors Rangers
FC Premier Colts34Wednesbury Sports Union Yellow
Silverdale JFC61Bustleholme Boys
Sneyd All Stars83Churchfields FC
Wednesfield FC22Walsall Wood Lasers
Division 5
Bustleholme Bullets22Sporting Stonnall
Lane Head United71Wednesbury United
Lodge Farm Lions05Beacon Lions FC
Shere Punjab62Bloxwich Rangers
West Bromwich United EaglesWednesbury Sports Union BlueOther Reason
08 October 2017
First-Half Cup #1
Round 2
Bloxwich Town FC09FC Premier
Brewood Junior90Lane Head Albion
Four Oaks Bulldogs56Holy Name
Great Barr Harriers Town101Great Barr Harriers
Sikh Hunters04Tipton Youth
Stonnall Juniors25Lane Head Olympians
Wyrley Juniors FC04Walsall Phoenix Kestrels
Wyrley Juniors Phoenix26Walsall Phoenix Red Kites
First-Half Cup #2
Round 2
Beacon Lions FC10Shelfield United FC Kestrels
Bustleholme Villains80FC Premier Colts
Lane Head United30Bustleholme Boys
Silverdale JFC30Wednesbury United
Walsall Wood Lasers14Shere Punjab
Wednesbury Sports Union Yellow40Sporting Stonnall
Wednesfield FC04Sneyd All Stars
1st-Half League
Division 2
FC Newlands Falcons12Silverdale Scorpions
Wyrley Juniors Lions42Pelsall Villa Colts
Division 3
Old Wulfrunians71Brownhills Community Colts
Pendeford United90Rising Stars
Division 4
Churchfields FC03Wyrley Juniors Rangers
Division 5
Bloxwich RangersWednesbury Sports Union BlueOther Reason
Lodge Farm Lions38West Bromwich United Eagles
01 October 2017
Bilston Town Junior Challenge Cup
Round 1
Black Country Phoenix21FC Newlands Falcons
Bustleholme Bullets017Pendeford United
FC Newlands Nighthawks04Silverdale Scorpions
Shelfield United13FC Premier
1st-Half League
Division 1
Black Country Wanderers24Tipton Youth
Brewood Junior34Wyrley Juniors FC
Four Oaks Bulldogs15Walsall Phoenix Red Kites
Sikh HuntersGreat Barr Harriers TownInsufficient players
Division 2
Great Barr Harriers36Holy Name
Lane Head Albion45Wyrley Juniors Lions
Pelsall Villa Colts61Lane Head Olympians
Stonnall Juniors11Wyrley Juniors Phoenix
Division 3
Bloxwich Town FC05Walsall Phoenix Kestrels
Brownhills Community Colts04Shelfield United FC Kestrels
Old Wulfrunians12Bustleholme Villains
Division 4
Bustleholme Boys51Wednesbury Sports Union Yellow
Churchfields FC111Wednesfield FC
Silverdale JFC33Sneyd All Stars
Wyrley Juniors Rangers51FC Premier Colts
Division 5
Beacon Lions FC33Wednesbury United
Bloxwich Rangers28West Bromwich United Eagles
Shere Punjab92Lodge Farm Lions
Sporting Stonnall19Lane Head United
24 September 2017
1st-Half League
Division 1
Black Country Wanderers04Brewood Junior
Tipton Youth60Four Oaks Bulldogs
Walsall Phoenix Red Kites33Sikh Hunters
Wyrley Juniors FC23FC Premier
Division 2
FC Newlands FalconsGreat Barr HarriersOther Reason
Silverdale ScorpionsLane Head AlbionInsufficient players
Stonnall JuniorsPelsall Villa ColtsOther Reason
Wyrley Juniors Lions34Holy Name
Wyrley Juniors Phoenix02Lane Head Olympians
Division 3
Bilston Town CommunityBloxwich Town FCTeam withdrew from competition
Shelfield United FC Kestrels02Bustleholme Villains
Sporting KhalsaPendeford UnitedTeam withdrew from competition
Walsall Phoenix Kestrels101Brownhills Community Colts
Division 4
Bustleholme Boys54Churchfields FC
Silverdale JFC42Wyrley Juniors Rangers
Walsall Wood LasersFC Premier ColtsOther Reason
Wednesbury Sports Union Yellow06Sneyd All Stars
Wednesbury Sports Union YellowSporting StonnallRearranged by the league
Wednesfield FC41FC Newlands Nighthawks
Division 5
Beacon Lions FC43Bloxwich Rangers
Lodge Farm Lions71Sporting Stonnall
Lodge Farm LionsWyrley Juniors LasersTeam withdrew from competition
Wednesbury Sports Union Blue017Lane Head United
Wednesbury United24Shere Punjab
West Bromwich United Eagles30Bustleholme Bullets
17 September 2017
1st-Half League
Division 1
Brewood Junior43Great Barr Harriers Town
FC Premier40Four Oaks Bulldogs
Sikh Hunters01Tipton Youth
Walsall Phoenix Red Kites42Wyrley Juniors FC
Division 2
FC Newlands Falcons42Wyrley Juniors Phoenix
Great Barr Harriers110Lane Head Olympians
Holy Name33Lane Head Albion
Pelsall Villa Colts22Silverdale Scorpions
Stonnall Juniors31Wyrley Juniors Lions
Division 3
Bloxwich Town FC43Old Wulfrunians
Brownhills Community Colts38Bustleholme Villains
Pendeford United71Shelfield United FC Kestrels
Sporting Khalsa119Walsall Phoenix Kestrels
Division 4
Churchfields FC24Silverdale JFC
FC Premier Colts22FC Newlands Nighthawks
Walsall Wood Lasers13Sneyd All Stars
Walsall Wood LasersSporting StonnallRearranged by the league
Wednesbury Sports Union Yellow11Wednesfield FC
Wyrley Juniors Rangers12Bustleholme Boys
Division 5
Bloxwich Rangers41Lodge Farm Lions
Lane Head United40Bustleholme Bullets
Sporting Stonnall20Beacon Lions FC
Wednesbury Sports Union Blue09Shere Punjab
Wednesbury United32West Bromwich United Eagles
Wyrley Juniors LasersBeacon Lions FCTeam withdrew from competition
10 September 2017
First-Half Cup #1
Round 1
Black Country Wanderers12Holy Name
Bloxwich Town FC61Brownhills Community Colts
Great Barr Harriers31Wyrley Juniors Lions
Lane Head Olympians31FC Newlands Falcons
Old Wulfrunians17Walsall Phoenix Kestrels
Pelsall Villa Colts13Stonnall Juniors
Pendeford United11Wyrley Juniors Phoenix
Silverdale Scorpions45Lane Head Albion
First-Half Cup #2
Round 1
Bloxwich Rangers15Wednesfield FC
Bustleholme Bullets36Shere Punjab
Churchfields FC46FC Premier Colts
FC Newlands Nighthawks72West Bromwich United Eagles
Lane Head United81Wyrley Juniors Rangers
Walsall Wood Lasers70Wednesbury Sports Union Blue
Wednesbury United64Lodge Farm Lions
Wyrley Juniors LasersBeacon Lions FCTeam withdrew from competition
1st-Half League
Division 1
Brewood Junior41FC Premier
Four Oaks Bulldogs32Sikh Hunters
Tipton Youth24Walsall Phoenix Red Kites
Wyrley Juniors FC49Great Barr Harriers Town
Division 3
Bustleholme VillainsBilston Town CommunityTeam withdrew from competition
Shelfield United FC Kestrels30Sporting Khalsa
Division 4
Sneyd All Stars11Bustleholme Boys
Sporting StonnallBustleholme BoysRearranged by the league