Under 10’s Fixtures

Date:Sunday 13th May 2018
Venues:Under 7’s– Chelyn Hay Leisure Centre, Saredon Road, Cheslyn Hay, Walsall, WS6 7JQ
Under 8’s– Goals Willenhall, Darlaston Lane, Willenhall, WV14 7BL
Under 9’s– Silverdale FC, Walstead Road, Walsall, WS5 4DP
Under 10’s– Wolverhampton University, Gorway Road Walsall, WS1 3BD
RegistrationRegister at the designated registration point around 20 Minutes before Kick Off.
A normal  match fee of £21 for under 7’s and 8’s & £24 for Under 9’s and 10’s will be payable.
The Team Registration sheet will be retained.
The FixturesEach team will play one game:Under 7’s and 8’s – 15 minutes each way
Under 9’s & Under 10’s – 20 minutes each way
PresentationsAt the end of the game please move your team and spectators promptly to the Presentation area
PhotographyGiven the nature of the event it is likely that Managers and Parents will want to take
photographs. Please inform your parents that this will be the case.
BarriersSpectators should stand behind the respect barriers.
VenueTimeAge GroupPitchFixtures
Cheslyn Hay9:00 AMUnder 7’s1Bustleholme BearsVSedgley Scrpns North
Leisure CentreUnder 7’s2West Brom All StarsVWyrley Jnrs Vipers
3G AstroUnder 7’s3FC NewlandsVAce FC
Under 7’s4Walsall Wd FlamesVHoly Name
9:35 AMUnder 7’s1Lane Head AllstarsVCresswell Swifts
Under 7’s2Four Oaks TigersVTipton Youth
Under 7’s3Bloxwich RangersVWalsall Phnix Ravens
Under 7’s4Ashmore Pk RngrsVSporting Khalsa
10:10 AMUnder 7’s1Walsall Phnix ColtsVSilverdale JFC
Under 7’s2Sutton Utd PanthersVFC Premier
Under 7’s3Sutton Utd PumasVPelsall Villa Clts Blk
Under 7’s4Pelsall Villa Clts RedVTipton Town
10:45 AMUnder 7’s1West Brom Mini StarsVWalsall Wd Avengers
Under 7’s2FC Newlands HawksVSedgley Scrpns South
Under 7’s3Soho AlbionVBustleholme Strikers
Under 7’s4Wednesfield FCVCresswell Allstars
11:20 AMUnder 7’s1Lane Head FCVWlvrhamptn Sporting
Under 7’s2Brewood JuniorsVWalsall Wd Saints
Under 7’s3Rising StarsVFC Newlands Jets
Under 7’s4Wednesbury Sp. UnVLane Head
11:55 AM (7.5 min EW)Under 7’s1Cresswell WanderersVFC Premier Colts
12:15 PM (7.5 min EW)Under 7’s1Cresswell WanderersVSilverdale Warriors
12:20 PM (7.5 min EW)Under 7’s1FC Premier ColtsVSilverdale Warriors
Goals Willenhall9:00 AMUnder 8’s1Cresswell SwiftsFWalsall Wood Stars
3G AstroUnder 8’s2Tipton Youth LionsFWednesbury Sp.Union
Under 8’s3AFC Wolves AthleticFWyrley Jnrs Panthers
Under 8’s4Tipton YouthFBloxwich Rangers
9:35 AMUnder 8’s1Wednesfld WarriorsFSutton United
Under 8’s2Walsall Wood LionsFColron Boys
Under 8’s3Silverdale PhoenixFCorpus Christi Jnrs
Under 8’s4Walsall Phnix LionsFBustleholme Athletic
10:10 AMUnder 8’s1Colron RapidsFWyrley Jnrs Pumas
Under 8’s2FC PremierFFC Newlands Falcons
Under 8’s3Pelsall Villa AFCFWalsall Phnix Swifts
Under 8’s4Pelsall Villa ColtsFOld Wulfs Central
10:45 AMUnder 8’s1WB Allstrz GallacticosFSp Khalsa Willenhall
Under 8’s2Great Barr HarriersFWalsall Phnix Vipers
Under 8’s3Brewood Jnr LionsFSedgley Scrpns North
Under 8’s4Rising Stars FCFLane Head Trojans
11:20 AMUnder 8’s1FC Newlands FlyersFLane Head Knights
Under 8’s2West Brom All StarsFOld Wulfs North
Under 8’s3WB All Stars DynamosFWednesfld Avengers
Under 8’s4Brewood Jnr. CubsFFC Premier Colts
11:55 AMUnder 8’s1Cresswell Wndrs LionsFSedgley Scrpns East
Under 8’s2Brewood Jnrs ColtsFSedgley Scrpns West
Under 8’s3AFC Wolves UtdFTipton Youth AFC
Under 8’s4FC Premier EaglesFWednesfield FC
12:30 PMUnder 8’s1Sporting KhalsaFFour Oaks Foxes
Under 8’s2Sikh HuntersFFC Newlands Eagles
Under 8’s3Tipton Youth TigersFOld Wulfs South
Under 8’s4See Below
1:05 PMUnder 8’s1Lane Head EaglesFWalsall Wood Saints
1:05 PMUnder 8’s2Tipton TownFWyrley Jnrs Lions
12:30 PM (7.5 min EW)Under 8’s4Cresswell WndersFAFC Wolves Harriers
12:50 PM (7.5 min EW)Under 8’s4Holy NameFAFC Wolves Harriers
1:10 PM (7.5 min EW)Under 8’s4Cresswell WndersFHoly Name
Silverdale FC08:40 AM (10 min EW)Under 9’s1Silverdale WarriorsFWalsall Phx Dragons
Grass09:00 AM (10 min EW)Under 9’s1Wolverhampton Sp.FWalsall Phx Dragons
09:20 AM (10 min EW)Under 9’s1Wolverhampton Sp.FSilverdale Warriors
9:00 AMUnder 9’s2West Brom AllStarsFWalsall Wd Warriors
9:00 AMUnder 9’s3Silverdale AthleticFTipton Town
9:00 AMUnder 9’s4Wyrley Jnrs LionsFPlsall Villa Clts Blck
9:45 AMUnder 9’s1Brownhills Com ColtsFBustleholme Sparks
Under 9’s2Wednesfield FCFNew Park Village
Under 9’s3Sutton Utd PanthersFNorton Canes
Under 9’s4Holy NameFFC Premier
10:30 AMUnder 9’s1Tipton Town ColtsFLichfield City Lions
Under 9’s2Four Oaks MavericksFWyrley Jnrs Wanders
Under 9’s3Cresswell WndrersFFour Oaks Rams
Under 9’s4Pelsall Villa Colts RedFSmethwick FC
11:15 AMUnder 9’s1Brewood JuniorsFWalsall Wd Saints
Under 9’s2Sutton United PumasFBrewood Jnrs Colts
Under 9’s3FC NewlandsFBeacon Bees FC
Under 9’s4Phoenix UnitedFWyrley Jnrs Warriors
12:00 PMUnder 9’s1Lane Head MagpiesFBushbury Tigers
Under 9’s2Lane Head SteelersFGreat Barr Harriers
Under 9’s3Bloxwich Rgrs LionsFCresswell Lions
Under 9’s4Old Wulfs SouthFWalsall Wd Strykers
12:45 PMUnder 9’s1Sporting KhalsaFWalsall Phnx Flames
Under 9’s2Mahal FC RaptorsFWyrley Jnrs Tigers
Under 9’s3FC Premier ColtsFFC Premier Eagles
Under 9’s4Walsall Wood AllstarsFWednesbury Sp.Union
1:30 PMUnder 9’s1Sneyd All StarsFRising Stars FC
Wolverhampton9:00 AMUnder 10’s1Walsall Phnx PanthersFWyrley Jrs Panthers
UniversityUnder 10’s2Colron BoysFNorton Canes
3G AstroUnder 10’s3Walsall Wd AFCFCresswell Wanderers
Under 10’s4Four Oaks TornadoesFNew Park Village
9:45 AMUnder 10’s1Sutton Utd PanthersFSneyd All Strs Tigers
Under 10’s2Wednesfield AcesFHoly Name
Under 10’s3Wednesfield WolvesFLane Head Lions
Under 10’s4Phoenix UnitedFFour Oaks Panthers
10:30 AMUnder 10’s1Sutton Utd PumasFBilston Sports
Under 10’s2Walsall Wd AllstarsFSporting Khalsa
Under 10’s3Brewood JuniorsFWalsall Phnx Tigers
Under 10’s4Wyrley Jnrs PumasFCresswll Wdrs Allstars
11:15 AMUnder 10’s1Great Barr HarriersFHuntington Harriers
Under 10’s2Cannock Town ColtsFWyrley Jnrs Spartans
Under 10’s3Tipton TownFPelsall Villa Colts
Under 10’s4Lane Head PythonsFMahal FC Warriors
12:00 PMUnder 10’s1Tipton PanthersFFC Premier Colts
Under 10’s2Wyrley Jnrs Red DevilsFSilverdale Lions
Under 10’s3Lane Head PumasFBrownhills CC Reds
Under 10’s4Beechdale JuniorsFBeacon Lions FC
12:45 PMUnder 10’s1Hamstead DiamondsFTipton Youth
Under 10’s2Colron AcesFRising Stars FC
Under 10’s3Silverdale JFCFFC Premier
Under 10’s4Sedgley White Lions E.FFour Oaks Warriors
1:30 PMUnder 10’s1AFC WillenhallFFC Newlands
Under 10’s2Wyrley Jnrs TigersFEssington AFC
Under 10’s3Bustlehome ColtsFWalsall Wd Saints
Under 10’s4Pelsall Villa Clts LionsFWyrley Jnrs All Stars
Semi Finals & Finals:20th May 2018
Venue:Oak Park Leisure Centre, Coppice Road, Walsall Wood, Walsall, WS8 7DG
Car parking is limited on the main site with yellow lines and wardens.
Teams are asked to access the site via the KFC entrance off the Lichfield Road, WS9 9NP
Under 9’s Plate  :The Judy White Shield
138:45 AM1Mahal FC RaptorsVOld Wulfs South
148:45 AM2Bloxwich Rgrs LionsVPelsall Villa Colts Red
3rd/4th9:30 AM3S/F of Match 13FS/F of Match 14
Final9:30 AM4Winners of Match 13VWinners of Match 14
Under 9’s Cup  :The Dave Haywood Memorial Shield
138:45 AM3West Brom AllStarsVWednesfield FC
148:45 AM4Tipton Town ColtsVTipton Town
3rd/4th9:30 AM1S/F of Match 13FS/F of Match 14
Final9:30 AM2Winners of Match 13VWinners of Match 14
Under 7’s Plate  :The Chairmans Shield
1310:15 AM1Lane Head FCVPelsall Villa Clts Red
1410:15 AM2Sporting KhalsaVSutton Utd Pumas
3rd/4th10:45 AM3S/F of Match 13FS/F of Match 14
Final10:45 AM4Winners of Match 13VWinners of Match 14
Under 7’s Cup  :The Singh Shield
1310:15 AM3FC NewlandsVWest Brom All Stars
1410:15 AM4Lane Head AllstarsVWalsall Wd Flames
3rd/4th10:45 AM1S/F of Match 13FS/F of Match 14
Final10:45 AM2Winners of Match 13VWinners of Match 14
Under 8’s Plate  :The Nigel Jinmen Shield
1311:30 AM1Colron BoysVLane Head Knights
1411:30 AM2Brewood Jnr. CubsVOld Wulfs Central
3rd/4th12:00 PM3S/F of Match 13FS/F of Match 14
Final12:00 PM4Winners of Match 13VWinners of Match 14
Under 8’s Cup  :The Singh Challenge Shield
1311:30 AM3Tipton YouthVBloxwich Rangers
1411:30 AM4West Brom All StarsVBrewood Jnr Lions
3rd/4th12:00 PM1S/F of Match 13FS/F of Match 14
Final12:00 PM2Winners of Match 13VWinners of Match 14
Under 10’s Vase  :The League Shield
1312:30 PM1Wyrley Jnrs Red DevilsVSilverdale Lions
1412:30 PM2Beacon Lions FCVCresswll Wdrs Allstars
3rd/4th1:15 PM3S/F of Match 13FS/F of Match 14
Final1:15 PM4Winners of Match 13VWinners of Match 14
Under 10’s plate  :The John Coleman Shield
1312:30 PM3Brewood JuniorsVWednesfield Wolves
1412:30 PM4Four Oaks TornadoesVSutton Utd Pumas
3rd/4th1:15 PM1S/F of Match 13FS/F of Match 14
Final1:15 PM2Winners of Match 13VWinners of Match 14
Under 10’s Cup  :The Charlie Rushton Memorial Shield
132:00 PM1Wyrley Jnrs PumasVWalsall Phnx Panthers
142:00 PM2Colron BoysVWednesfield Aces
3rd/4th2:45 PM3S/F of Match 13FS/F of Match 14
Final2:45 PM4Winners of Match 13VWinners of Match 14
All Teams will pay the normal Match Fee on registration
£21 for under 7’s & 8’s and £24 for under 9’s & 10’s
Managers should register their team on arrival using the normal registration sheet
The sheet will be retained by the League admin.
Player registrations should be available at all times and will be checked prior
to each cup final.
All spectators should stand behind the Respect Barriers
Photography. Given the nature of the event it is likely that Managers and Parents
will want to take photographs. Please make all parents aware that this will be the
Knock Out Stage Rules:
1)In the event of a draw : Extra Time will be 3 Minutes each way
2)Followed by 3 Penalties each, followed by Sudden Death Penalties
3)The seven players on the pitch at the end of extra time are the players
who will take the penalties.