Join A Football Team

Do you or somebody you know have a kid that loves playing football? Then you’ve come to the right place. Walsall Junior Youth Football league was founded in 1949 with the purpose of creating an organised and fun environment for young people to enjoy football. Our leagues support organised football for children from Under 7 (Year 2 at school) through to Under 17 (Sixth Form or school leavers) and run from September through to May each year with games played on Sundays.
There are a number of ways you can find a team within our league. Firstly we have a notice board where players and teams can post notices, simply browse a list of posts for the relevant age group (Children may play for their year or 1 year above if appropriate) and then get in touch with the relevant team or player using the details provided. It’s important to recognise all teams are different and having got to know a team they may not be right for your child. All children are individuals and the most important thing is that your child enjoys their football experience, if you and/or they do not feel that a particular team is right for you then maybe look for another and see if they are more compatible.
I saw a friends son had been training with a team on Facebook and asked her the details of the team. The teams details were on Walsall Junior Youth League’s website so I got in touch. He’s been playing for 5 years now and never missed a game, it’s his life.<span class="su-quote-cite">Sarah, Wednesfield</span>
If you want to contact a particular team directly, maybe they’ve been recommended or are the team nearest to where you live, then we provide a complete list of all the teams within our league. Simply click on the team you are looking for and you will find contact details for that teams manager, either give them a call or drop them an email and they may give your child an invite to come to training to see how you get on or provide some kind of trial. Your child’s first training session can be one of the most exciting (and nerve wracking) events in their young life. You can help by giving them all your support and making sure they are well prepared, again if you feel that team isn’t quite right try another before you commit. Playing Grassroots football is a big commitment for both parent and child, make sure it’s right for both of you before fully signing up.
Lastly, if you’re still struggling to find a team, then you could try the FA’s search tool. This handy tool lets you search for Chartered Standard teams in your area by entering your location, the tool will display all the teams near you, let you know how far away they are and show what types of football they offer. Please bear in mind that this tool only searches for Chartered Standard clubs; the good part of that is that you know the teams it finds have met certain standards laid out by the FA but achieving the FA Chartered Standard is a complex commitment and not for all teams. There are plenty of good teams out there who may not necessarily achieve the Chartered Standard.
Participation in Grassroots Football can be the most rewarding of activities, as well as a great way to stay fit there is a fantastic social side with parents and kids coming together to form one great team. Winning and losing together creates great bonds and lasting relationships, where friends are made for life and great things are achieved through dedication and hard work. Most of all there is loads a fun to be had with family and friends spending great times together. Start your football journey today.

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