Volunteers Sought


Further to the post on 19 January, here are some details of the Committee posts where volunteers are sought.  Interested parties should contact any committee member to discuss or speak to Alberta Wood or Clyde Redfern.
A. Social Media Officer
Updating the league’s Facebook page with league announcements.
Monitoring and where appropriate responding to comments received via Facebook.
Ensuring that the league complies with the FA’s Social Media policy.
B. Results Officer
Liaising with age group secretaries to collate results and updating the website with weekly results.
Identifying games for which results have not been recorded and liaising with age group secretaries and team managers to check if the games were played.
Updating the website with result reports for the season as a whole.
C. Referees Reallocation Officer
Updating the available referees’ list on the website on a weekly basis.
Liaising with the Referees Secretary to identify replacements for referees particularly at 9v9 centres.
D. 9v9 Centre Allocations Officer
Allocating under 11 and 12 fixtures to 9v9 centres.
Liaising with centre managers to establish centre availability.
Liaising with fixture secretaries to align fixtures with centre availability.
Applying team managers’ requests with respect to centres and kick-off times.
E. Referees Allocations Officer
Allocating referees to 9v9 centres and to U13-16s fixtures based on the referees availability as recorded by the Referees secretary.
Liaising with the referees’ secretary as required.