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May 2017 Mini Soccer Fixture Notes

WJYL Season Plan Mini Soccer 2017 18

WJYL Mini Soccer Centre Contacts 2016 17

WJYL Mini Soccer Match Day Registration Form

WJYL Rules Mini Soccer 2016 17

Mini Soccer Formats 2016 17


Mini Soccer Co ordinator & Fixtures Secretary: Paul Chamberlain 01922 685742
Mini Soccer Registrations Secretary: John Coleman 01922 866489
Pelsall Education Development Centre Playing surface Grass    
Pelsall Lane, Rushall, Walsall   Centre Manager        : Vince Leigh
WS4 1NG       Matchday Contact no: 07769 510421
2001 A-Z Ref: Page 21 Grid F6       Playing surface Grass
Car Parking : Park behind the main building on the tennis courts, do not block the road.
Shelfield Sports Academy   3G Astroturf (No studs or Blades)    
Off Broadway, High Heath,Shelfield,Walsall Centre Manager        : Gavin Barrow
WS4 1BW       Matchday Contact no: 07795 311135
2001 A-Z Ref: Page 21 Grid G5          
Car Parking : Adequate Spaces available No Dogs allowed. Playing surface 3g
Leamore Park     Playing surface Grass      
Blakenall Lane, Leamore, Walsall   Centre Manager        : Paul Chamberlain
WS3 1HG       Matchday Contact no: 07922 124235
2001 A-Z Ref: Page 32 Grid A1          
Car Parking : Park in Leamore Park or on Bloxwich Baths   Playing surface Grass
Silverdale FC     Playing surface Grass      
Walstead Road, Delves     Centre Manager        : Gareth Cowley
WS5 4DW       Matchday Contact no: 07979 997999
2001 A-Z Ref: Page: Grid:          
Car Parking : Please make sure that parents do not block residents drives  
Grace Academy Darlaston   3G Astroturf (No studs or Blades)    
Herberts Park Road, Wednesbury   Centre Manager        : Ronnie Arnold
WS10 8QJ       Matchday Contact no: 07717 677627
Car Parking : Park in the Car Park          
No smoking on site and no dogs are allowed in the school grounds Playing surface 3g
Space for warming up is limited.          
Cheslyn Hay Leisure Centre 3G Astroturf (No studs or Blades)    
Saredon Road, Cheslyn Hay, Walsall   Centre Manager        : Jordan Burton
WS6 7JQ       Matchday Contact no: 07928 346139
2001 A-Z Ref: Page:  Grid:           
No Dogs at this centre Spectators please stay outside the courts Playing surface 3g
Goals Black Country   3G Astroturf (No studs or Blades)    
Darlaston Lane, Willenhall, WV14 7BL   Centre Manager        : Matthew Chamberlain
In the grounds of Thomas More School     Matchday Contact no: 07725 303796
2001 A-Z Ref: Page:  Grid:       Playing surface 3g
Entry via main reception. Spectators stay outside the playing area    
Wolverhampton University   3G Astroturf (No studs or Blades)    
Gorway Road, Walsall     Centre Manager        : Clyde Redfern
WS1 3BD     Matchday Contact no: 07926 588178  
No Dogs on Site Page:  Grid:   Playing surface: 3g  
Car Parking is accessible from the Broadway opposite Walsall Golf Club    
1) If the weather conditions are poor, call the Matchday contact numbers from 8:00 am.
2) Do not call home telephone numbers on Sunday Mornings.
3) Please make all Parents are aware of Car Parking regulations.
Ask parents to share cars, please keep the number of cars to a minimum.
4) Parents should be discouraged from bringing Dogs to any Centre. Dogs are not allowed
on school grounds.


All teams should have a full copy of the WJYFL mini soccer rules, however, the following provides a
summarised version of the main areas which most often require clarification. The summary also covers
guidance on the administration of matches, which if followed, helps the games run smoothly.
Rules Summary
Normal rules of football apply, except as stated below:
1. The format is Seven-a-side for Under 9's and 10's and five-a-side for Under 7's and 8's.
2. Matches will be of 15 minutes duration each way. (10 minutes for under 8's and Under 7's)
3. There is no offside.
4. Substitutions are on a "Role on role off" basis. 
    Managers should wait for a break in the play and notify the Referee that they wish to make a substitution.
    Managers should ensure that the player being substituted has left the field of play before the substitute 
    enters the field of play. Substituted players can re enter the game.
5. At kick offs, Corners and Free Kicks, Opposition players must stand 4.5 metres from the ball.
    All free kicks are direct.
6. Goal Kicks can be taken from anywhere in the penalty area. Opposition players must retreat to the half
    way line. The ball cannot be played until it has left the penalty area.
7. The Pass back to the Goalkeeper rule applies. If a passback occurs, a direct free kick is to be awarded to 
    the opposition on the edge of the Penalty area nearest to the point where the Goalkeeper handled the ball.
8. Ball Size : Size 3 for under 7's, 8's and Under 9's, and Size 4 for Under 10's
9. At goal Kicks the opposition must retreat to the half way line. 
Confirmation of normal rules (As stated above, normal rules of Football apply, but the following are
areas that most often require clarification) :
1. At Kick Offs the ball can move in any direction, and goals cannot be scored with shots direct from the kick off.
2. Normal foul throw rules apply.
3. The deliberate back pass rule will be enforced.
    Goalkeepers can come out of their areas.     Goalkeeper drop kicks are permitted.
4. All players must wear shin guards covered by their Socks.
5. Normal disciplinary rules apply, yellow and red cards will be issued if the referee deems it appropriate.
League Rules
1. Team Officials should register their team for the day at least 15 minutes prior to their first Kick off time.
2. At registration, each team should pay their match fees and hand over their team registration sheet, together
    with the players registration documents.
    The sheet will be signed by the centre administrator so that no more names can be added and returned to
     the team.
3. At the end of each game, both team Managers should sign the Referees Card to confirm the result.
    Managers should also enter the result in the spaces provided on their registration sheet, which should be 
    signed and handed into the centre administrator after their second game.
4. All teams should carry their players' league registrations with them at all games, and will exchange them
    with their opponents prior to each game. They should also be available on request to Opposition
     Management and League Officials.
5. All teams should carry an alternative strip/bibs. In the event of a colour clash, the first named team should
    change colours.
6. Prior to the start of each game, both teams should provide a suitable matchball to the Referee, who will  
    choose the ball to be used.
1. Managers are reminded that they are responsible for the behaviour of both their Players and Spectators.
2. Foul and abusive language will not be tolerated. Offenders will be asked to leave the ground.
3. In the event of injuries play will be stopped at the Referees discretion. Only two adults should move onto 
    the field of play to attend the player. No other adults should move onto the field of play.
4. In the interests of Safety Managers and Parents should ensure that Children do not swing on Goals.
5. Managers and spectators are asked support both teams in a positive and friendly manner.
6. Spectators should stand behind the Respect barriers. Mangers should stand in the Technical Areas.
The above is for quick reference, League rules, as detailed in the official handbook, and Mini Soccer
rules, as detailed in the Mini Soccer handbook, apply in all instances.